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Project Overview

The State of Utah recently passed a law that meters are to be installed on all secondary water connections statewide by January 1, 2030 (click here to learn more about HB242). To comply with this law, Pleasant Grove City is installing pressurized irrigation (PI) meters at over 7,500 residences and businesses throughout the community. Once installed, the meters will provide data to the City and property owners on individual irrigation usage and will ultimately help people better conserve water. Residents will not be charged for the installation of the new meters. A new fee system and schedule has not been determined, so at this time, irrigation costs will remain the same. For more information on pricing, visit the “FAQs” page. Construction is expected to begin in fall 2023 and last through spring 2026.

Watering Schedules and Pressurized Irrigation Leaks

Pleasant Grove City utilizes an alternating watering schedule. Odd addresses can water their property on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. Even addresses can water their property on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday each week. No residential watering is allowed on Saturdays at any property. Using the secondary water between the hours 10 am and 6 pm is prohibited by Pleasant Grove City Code 8-8-35. New landscapes such as new sod or seeding for grass are exempt from this restriction until the seed or sod is established.


If you notice a possible leak around your recently installed irrigation box, please contact our project team by calling 385-273-1660 or emailing Secondary water is different from drinking water and should only be used to water yards. Drinking or playing in secondary water can make you sick. Learn more by visiting If you have questions about your irrigation water pressure, call Public Works at 801-785-2941.

Construction Schedule & Notices

Affected property owners will receive the following notices throughout this process:

  1. Crews will arrive at the property within 7-10 days

  2. Crews will arrive at the property within 48 hours

  3. Crews have completed construction at the property

  4. If needed, a notice that the construction schedule has changed and crews will arrive at a different time

All construction schedules are subject to change. Property owners can view the contractor’s progress throughout construction by visiting the “Progress Maps” page.

Construction & Installation Preparation

Property owners will receive notices prior to work starting and are encouraged to prepare for construction in the following ways:

  • Remove all landscaping within a 3-foot radius of the existing City PI box (typically the box closest to the street). This includes shrubbery, tree limbs, landscape bark or rock, etc.

  • Avoid parking on the street during installation (1-3 days) as construction vehicles will need access in front of properties. Residents will be notified 7-10 days in advance and again 48 hours before work is expected to take place.

  • Remove any hoses that are currently in the existing City PI box. Residents may later install a hose/spigot in their own PI box.

What to Expect During Construction & Installation

Affected property owners can expect the following construction impacts:

  • Construction will take place for 1-3 days

    • Work will occur on weekdays between 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

    • Crews will install the box and meter within 1-2 days

    • Crews will return and restore any disturbed property or landscaping to its pre-construction condition*

  • Increased noise, dust and vibration

* The contractor will restore the landscaping as closely as possible to pre-installation conditions, but will not be able to restore any flowers, shrubs, trees or other significant plant material that needs to be removed within 3 feet of the box. If an existing City PI box is covered by landscaping, it will have to be cleared for both the installation and for permanent City access.

Grass/sod around meter boxes may not be restored during winter months. The City wants to ensure the secondary water system is operating properly and the sod can be adequately watered by the property owner. The City will restore grass/sod when weather permits. For more information on when your grass/sod will be installed, please contact 385-273-1660.

Irrigation Meter Installation Scenarios

A property owner's personal irrigation box or items may be removed or altered in the following scenarios:

Screenshot 2024-02-27 111303.png
Eye on water app logo w text.png

Once the meter installation has been completed, if a property owner experiences any problems with the meter or service, they should contact a project representative at 385-273-1660. A representative will be available 24/7 to work with the owner and the contractor to fix the problem.

Property owners will receive a post-installation notice encouraging them to register for EyeOnWater via their website or their app, which will allow property owners to view their water usage. Owners will need the following information to register:

  • ZIP code

  • Name of water provider

  • Email address

  • Account ID

    • Property owners can view their Account ID number on the "Progress Maps" page. ​

For step-by-step instructions on how to register, view EyeonWater’s Customer Instructions.

Construction Completion
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